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welcome to Crossfit9 + 9HIIT!

You already see a lot of CrossFit9 faces in your classes at The Body Electric, so it's only natural we'd want to share our fitness world with you, too!

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All the stuff we'd like to know if we were you! :)

our Classes


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). This class is our highly suggested starting point. We're going to get some pumpin' beats, get you sweating, and learn new movements together. Never the same twice. Appropriate for all skill levels. No barbells in sight. (Shown in turquoise below.)

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Beginner Barbell

Want to graduate to CrossFit WODs? This technique-based class is going to be your first step to making the transition safely. We like to take the "scary" out of barbell work, dispel myths like "bulking up", and teach you how to use barbells safely and effectively. 

CrossFit Wod

This class is our bread and butter! We've been serving up functional fitness in St. Pete since 2008. The crowd is super diverse because it's scalable for every skill level. You're going to see everyone from grandmas to elite athletes bonding over hard work and good times-- just how we like it! 



Two Classrooms: Our layout allows us to overlap classes on our schedule.
Who doesn't love having options?

Two Newly Renovated Shower Rooms: We know you're busy. 
Need to shower up and bust out to your next stop? We gotchu!



We're constantly adding new classes.

Don't see one that suits your schedule?
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Get to Know CrossFit9

We call our tight-knit family #9Nation. We have a LOT of fun. We can't wait for you to join us!

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